Major Services:

Kitchen Remodeling.

A full kitchen remodel can give you that dream kitchen you've always wanted and add equity to your home. By carefully selecting the right colors, materials and finishes you can customize this most important space in your home and make it it fit your specific needs.
Kitchen Remodeling and renovation is one of the most popular and rewarding home improvement projects. We are a call away from you. Just call us and We will help you design and build your new kitchen just the way you envision it.

Green Remodeling.

Can be as simple as using non toxic very low odor paints and finish coatings , cellulose (recycled cotton/paper insulation) renewable flooring products such as bamboo or cork.

Bathroom Remodeling

A well designed new bathroom adds function, style and value to your home.
By carefully selecting the right colors, materials and finishes you can customize one of the most important spaces in your home and make it fit your specific needs.
Bathroom Remodeling is about providing you with the best combination of plumbing, tiling, storage and lighting design. We are a call away from you. Just call us and We will help build a great bathroom.

Basement Remodeling

If you would like to remodel all part of your basement, call us at (773)593-8884
The most affordable way to add a large amount of additional living space to your home is by utilizing the basement.
Basement renovation projects provide homeowners with plenty of space they can enjoy year round.
You can use it for additional storage, as a home office, a workout space, an entertainment area with a bar, as well as a home theater.
Our experience will guide you in answering

Common questions:

Drywall or drop ceilings?

Drywall is best used to mimic the rest of the home, will not sag, and allows more headroom.

Combining both ceiling types:

When pipes and ducts are in the way, try to mix both types in a symmetrical pattern or create recesses for lighting to minimize height drop.

Closet location:

Nearest the bottom stairway. Easy access is key. Think about it, when you come inside, you hang up your clothes. When you leave, you know just wear to find them.

Bathroom in the smallest space:

All fixtures against one wall .

Preserving drywall from water damage:

Build the first 4” of the walls with wood and cover with baseboard.

An inviting home office - one that you will want to work in.

No more office nooks for you. Your desk or work table should face away from the wall, like in the White House, so that you can see more than a wall and look at that flat screen TV through the French glass doors in the media room..

The secret of health clubs for your workout area:

Keep the area smelling clean and fresh by using rubber mats, they absorb virtually everything. Keep your form while stretching or lifting weights - Install plate glass mirrors that will not distort your image

Lighting an area with the least amount of windows:

Use three categories of lighting, (task) to reduce eye strain and prevent accidents, like recessed lights over all seating. (Accent) lighting like eyeballs or wall sconces that bounce light off of walls, creating more light into the room. (General) lighting with recessed cans, surface mounted fixtures, or lamps to provide ambient light that can fill the room by the flick of a dimmer.

Painting for height:

Crown molding color matching the wall heightens the room.

Other Services:

Office Remodeling and Repair Wood millwork, moldings, trim work, bars

Tile Installation

Marble Ceramic Porcelain Glass Vinyl


Traditional Wood Prefinished Laminate Floating Or repair existing floors


New or existing refinished


Stone, solid surface, and laminate


General, ambient, task, accent, low voltage


Build new bathroom or replace old piping

Doors and Windows

Interior Painting

Home Repair Services


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